Pacific Domes Review: From Dome Homes to Event Domes – Price List, Delivery, Floor Plans

Pacific Domes is one of the world leading companies to offer a big variety of geodesic domes. Their award-winning complete geodesic dome kits make it easy for anyone to build different types of domes like glamping domes, geodesic greenhouses, playground domes, event domes, projection domes, and dome homes.

This article will break down everything you need to know about the best Pacific Domes on the market: material, insulation, pricing, delivery options, customers’ reviews

So let’s get started.

What Are Pacific Domes Made Of?

Pacific Domes are made up of galvanized steel. The steel, in combination with the geodesic design, creates a robust structure with significantly less material used. The domes are well known for their extraordinary strength and firmness. Pacific Domes offers different models of geodesic structures, depending upon your requirement and conditions, i.e. Extreme 1.9, Burly 1.6 , Heavy Duty 1.31, apart from the Standard 92 dome frame.

Pacific Domes Insulation 

The company Pacific Domes uses two different kinds of insulation.

  1. A liner with Thinsulate.
  2. Thermoshield.

They offer you customization if you want to do complete a insulation or only for the rooftop. Moreover, Pacific Domes are painted inside with a Thermoshield to offer insulation as well.

Here is a video presentation to give you a more accurate idea about the looks and feel of  Pacific Dome homes:


How Long Do Pacific Domes Last?

The geodesic dome kits produced by Pacific Domes are high-quality domes that can last for a very long time with proper care and cleaning. You can use them for as long as 20 years, to say the least.

Can You Live In A Pacific Dome? 

Yes, you can easily live in a Pacific Dome. The high quality insulation of the domes, using different materials, will help you survive any weather. Also, you can install a wood stove or a heating system Pacific Domes to combat extreme weather conditions. Moreover, larger modern Pacific Domes offer various functionality like walls and lofts to create partitions.

Pacific Domes Official Site – Click Here!

Pacific Domes Pricing

How much Pacific Domes cost depends upon the pricing plans you opt for, based on the models, the features and the accessories you decide to get. Here is an overview of the starting prices for the main geodesic dome kits models available right now.

  • Greenhouse domes – The price starts from $5,675.00
  • Dome homes – The price starts from $5,530.00
  • Playground domes – The price starts from $1300
  • Event Domes- The price starts from $7,830.00
  • Projection Domes – The price starts from $81,500.00

Moreover, this company offers a wide range of accessories including,

  • Air chairs.
  • Solar Fans.
  • Stove claps and flashing.
  • Floating beds.

Let’s have a look at the main types of geodome kits offered by Pacific Domes:

1. Greenhouse Domes 

Now you can grow your plants in any season with the greenhouse domes. These Pacific Domes greenhouse kits provide a favourable climate to ensure sustainable healthy planting. You can install these domes in your backyard or farms to grow organic food, herbs, aquaponics or whatever you want. These geodesics domes are the best solution for home gardening or indoor planting, whatever you want!


  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Room for ventilation.
  • Cost-effective insulation.
  • Offers passive solar heating.

Price Range

The price for a geodesic greenhouse starts from $5,675.00 and goes up to $17,325.00. For more information, you can check the Pacific Domes website.

2. Dome Homes (Dwell Domes) 

Pacific Domes dwell domes provide you with the best housing alternative. With their unique architecture and convenience, these Pacific Domes homes make it a perfect choice for eco-resorts, homeowners, and glamping retreats. Moreover, they are suited for every climate like snow, rain or wind due to the different options like a wood stove, insulation and climate control.


  • Zip and Prehung Door option.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor.
  • UV resistant covers.
  • Comes with manual instructions.

Price Range

The dome homes cost between $5,530.00 and $24,090. Further, you can check Pacific Domes warranty, terms and conditions on their website.

Pacific Domes Official Site – Click Here!

pacific domes arizona

3. Playground Domes 

The climbing domes are worth investing in as equipment for your playgrounds to attract more kids. These come in different colors and are coated with powder to make you feel relaxed, even on hot days.


  • Available in different colors.
  • Covers with protective film.

Price Range

The price for the geodesic dome climbers ranges from $1300 to$2100 depending upon the size of the dome.

4. Event Domes – Geodesic Dome Tents 

Now you can enjoy any favorite event like a music festival, concert or wedding with event domes. These event domes are superior to any other event tent thanks to their special illumination and sleek appearance which will turn your events into memorable experiences. You can create an environment according to your preference and make your evening worth celebrating.


  • 3D modeling.
  • Design and print customization.
  • Equipped with a heating and cooling system.

Price Range

Event domes cost between $7,830.00 and $29 000.  For domes larger than 44ft, you can contact the company for a customized price offer.

5. Projection Domes 

Projection domes are perfect to use as permanent Planetariums. You can use these domes for learning or interactive sessions. It gives you the view of a 360 degrees fully immersive environment.

Pacific domes review


  • 360-degree immersive environment.
  • Provides insulation.
  • Long-lasting.

Customers’ Feedback – Pacific Domes Reviews

Pacific Domes have received great feedback from clients due to excellent service, easy assemblage and a great team.

Jaa appreciated how the playground dome had brought fun for the school kids. She wrote that children loved playing on it. And it required only three hours to assemble. Butch Allen particularly mentioned the excellent service delivery of the company. Moreover, he liked the teamwork to manage things within a short time frame.

However, Jonna recommended two improvement options, i.e., a square opening for the door and longer bolts to make assembly easy.

How To Buy And Delivery Conditions:

Pacific Domes offers shipping to different locations all over the world. The company can process online delivery of Pacific Domes worldwide, to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Greece and many more. However, persons living outside the USA have to pay duty and import taxes that vary from country to country.

Pacific Domes Official Site – Click Here!


Pacific Domes are worth investing in to use as a greenhouse, playground equipment, or as event venues. The company offers complete customization for their domes, in terms of size, frame, windows etc. You can check out the website for further details.

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