Top 5 Clear Dome Tents for Your Garden And Backyard

If you’re looking for a peaceful way to relax in the tranquility of your garden without having to worry about mosquitoes and the weather, a clear dome tent may be all that you need.

Clear outdoor bubble dome tents are waterproof and easy to set up. They are generally transparent, giving you an unfettered view of your beautiful and serene backyard.

But considering the myriad of options out there, it can be quite challenging to find the one that meets your taste, needs and budget.

Luckily, we prepared a review of the top clear outdoor bubble dome tents on the market. Also, we included a guide so you’ll know what to look for when buying a bubble tent for your garden.

By the way, the items in this review are within the $300 to $2000 price range.

Product Weather ResistanceCapacityFully TransparentInflatable
CZGBRO Bubble TentWind, Rain , Snow5-7 PeopleYesNo
Alvantor Pop Up Bubble TentWind, Rain , Snow8-10 PeopleYesNo
MioTsukus Transparent Dome TentWind, Rain , Snow4-6 PeopleYesNo
ZJ RIGHT R Bubble TentWind, Rain4-6 PeopleYesNo
Generic Inflatable Bubble TentWind, Rain4-6 PeopleNoYes

What to Look For in a Clear Bubble Dome Tent?

As you start looking for transparent dome tents for your garden, you’ll soon realise that there is a huge selection of different products from many different brands. And that there are certain key differences between the items.

But this shouldn’t have to be an issue. You just need to determine which features you want to prioritise the most.

Here are some of the factors to consider when buying clear outdoor bubble dome tents for your garden:


The first thing to consider when buying a bubble tent is how many people you intend fit inside it. Many a clear dome tent for sale online are spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 people whilst other bubble tents are designed to fit not more than two people.

Views / Transparency

The main reason for wanting a clear garden dome tent is to have a cool 360-degree view of your beautiful backyard without subjecting yourself, your family or your guests to the harsher side of nature.

You can choose between a full transparent dome tent design or one that has both a transparent and covered part.

Remember, the downside of a fully transparent dome tent is the lack of privacy. On the other hand, a dome tent with a balance of transparency and privacy tends to offer a medium level of visibility.

Portability and ease of setup

Do you intend to use the clear dome tent exclusively in your garden, or are you going to take it with you on camping trips? When you want something portable, you should go for an inflatable clear dome tent that is super easy to set up and take down.

Weather resistance

A clear dome tent is designed to be both waterproof and windproof. Some are designed to withstand inclement weather whilst others are intended to be used only in the summer or in good weather.

The Best Clear Dome Tents for Your Backyard

1. CZGBRO Bubble Tent – Geodesic Dome Tent

clear dome tent

The CZGBRO Bubble Tent is an ideal option if you want something exclusively just for your garden and not take with you on camping trips. It is a fully transparent dome tent that offers a high level of visibility, whether you’re stargazing or enjoying the scenery around you.

This geodesic dome tent is unbelievably durable and a bit heavy at almost 40 lbs. (18.14 kg). It is completely weatherproof. It can withstand wind gusts of up 31 mph. (50 kmh.) and up to 90 lbs. (40.82 kg) of snow.

The CZGBRO clear outdoor bubble dome tent is incredibly spacious, measuring a peak height of 7 ft. (2.13 m) in the centre and a diameter of 12ft (3.66 m). This transparent plastic dome tent can accommodate up to 7 people.

For all the outstanding features of this clear plastic dome tent, it is unsurprisingly pricier than most options out there.


  • Durable
  • Large capacity


  • Pricier than most options

2. Alvantor Pop-Up Bubble Tent – Instant Igloo Tent

clear plastic dome tent

The Alvantor Pop-Up Bubble Tent is an affordable option that you can use exclusively for your garden. This a pop-up clear igloo tent and so setting it up is quick since no assembly is required. Folding it down is a breeze as well.

This fully transparent plastic dome tent comes in 4 different sizes. The largest one can accommodate up to 10 people. You can even fit your furniture and mattresses inside this clear outdoor bubble dome tent.

Despite its 2-door design and the presence of multiple ventilation holes, the Alvantor Pop-Up Bubble Tent can stand up to the elements. The waterproof top cover can hold up well to winds as well as cold weather.

Lacking in privacy and heavier at 30 lbs. (13.61 kg), this clear plastic dome tent is ideal in the backyard than carrying it on camping trips.


  • Sturdy
  • Quick and easy set-up


  • Has zipper issues

3. MioTsukus Transparent Dome Tent

clear geodesic dome tent

The MioTsukus Transparent Dome Tent is an excellent product when you want to reconnect with nature while being protected from the elements. The Japanese design ensures quick setup but is sturdy enough to withstand wind, rain or snow.

This clear plastic dome tent provides excellent shelter when you’re having parties, picnics, stargazing, tea time or just glamping in your backyard. Made with durable PVC, this bubble tent works great at retaining warm air in the winter months. It provides excellent ventilation in the summer thanks to its 4 mesh vents with eaves.


  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Can only fit 4 to 6 people

4. ZJ RIGHT R Bubble Tent – Clear Dining Igloo PVC Tent

clear dome tent for garden

The ZJ RIGHT R Bubble Tent- Clear Dining Igloo PVC Tent is ideal for people who love spending time outdoors, even in the cold. The polyvinyl chloride material of this clear dome tent effectively retains warm air inside. You’ll notice a significant difference when the doors are closed.

In the summer, you can take advantage of the cool breeze in by opening the huge doors of this clear igloo tent from ZJ RIGHT.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • Quick set-up


  • Cheap-looking PVC material

5. Generic Inflatable Commercial Grade PVC Clear Eco Dome Camping Bubble Tent W/Fan

clear bubble dome tent

This Generic Inflatable Commercial Grade PVC Clear Eco Dome Camping Bubble Tent W/Fan is great to have in the garden or take with you on camping trips. You can also use it as a spare room for visitors or as your kids’ play area.

This inflatable clear dome tent is waterproof and made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Its easy installation process makes it an ideal bubble tent when you want to go camping and hiking with the whole family.

This clear bubble dome tent balances transparency and privacy. It comes with a tunnel entrance and an extra chamber for changing or storage, which can also be used as a bathroom.

Setting up this bubble tent is quick thanks to the blower fan. However, it needs to be plugged in the whole time to keep this plastic dome tent inflated.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Comes with extra space


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

All the products on this list are excellent options when you’re planning to have a clear dome tent in your garden. the buying guide should help you decide on the right clear garden dome tent based on your needs, taste and budget.

But if you’ll ask us, we recommend the Alvantor Pop-Up Bubble Tent. It is one of the well-known clear dome tents on the market. Its pop-up design makes it extremely easy to set up. Plus, it’s more affordable than most options out there.

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