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Article update on 25th November

Geodesic domes are lightweight, yet stable, structures inspired by shapes found in nature; the term geodesic is Latin for “earth dividing.” In this Ekodome review, you will also find out how easy and affordable it is to set up your own geodesic dome using geodesic dome building kits.

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Watch below how one single person can build a a hurricane resistant geodesic dome in about 7 hours, without any tools, thanks to the DIY Ekodome kit.  

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Geodesic domes are spherical structures constructed from interlinked triangles to create a robust and balanced framework using the least number of materials.

Although the lattice-shell domes often appear in nature, such as shells of turtles and our own skulls, the architectural dome first appeared in 125 A.D. in the historic Pantheon of Rome.

Centuries later, Dr. Walther Bauersfeld, a German engineer, pioneered the use of geodesics (interlinked triangles) culminating in the building of the Zeiss Company projection planetarium located in Jena, Germany.

But it was R. Buckminster Fuller, aka “Bucky,” who patented and popularized the use of geodesic domes. In 1954, his first patent was issued and in 1967 his design, the “Biosphere,” was exhibited at the Expo ’67 in Montreal, Canada.

What is a DIY geodesic dome kit?

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Geodesic domes fit in perfectly with the DIY revolution, sustainable homes, and the tiny-home living movement. Geodomes are space-saving, eco-friendly, and minimalistic structures that are also sturdy and elegant.

Even better, geodesic domes are easy to build with DIY kits containing all the materials you need for your very own geodesic dome. These kits usually include detailed instructions, hubs, connections, screws, and other building materials required. All you need is enough space and the final touches for a cozy space.

The size and materials of the frames in geodome kits may vary. There is a geodesic dome kit aluminum, steel, even wood.

The longevity and durability of the geodesic dome will depend on the quality of the materials, so make sure you purchase the kit that satisfies your need—be it for temporary glamping or a semi-permanent greenhouse.

Ekodome: The Story of a Passion for Geodomes

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If you’re in the market for a good DIY geodesic dome, the Ekodome Geodesic Dome Kits is one of the most innovative products in the market. Their excellent geodesic dome kits use state-of-the-art strut and hub design incorporating sealing components so you can build the structure with ease.

Ekodome was created out of a true passion geodomes, that is why it took the company about 10 years to perfect their product! They made sure to gather valuable feedback from the community to find effective solutions for concerns like waterproofing, structural integrity, and flexibility.

As a result, their easy to install kits are affordable, sturdy, and—depending on frame size—can be installed in as fast as 1-2 hours!

Ekodome – A unique offer on the market:

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Ekodome helps you build better spaces with their affordable and easy to install DIY geodesic dome kits characterized by precision extruded frames. These Ekodome frames are sustainable because they’re made from 100% recyclable aluminum.

Ekodome geodesic domes are also weatherproof with integrated EPDM seal able to resist various weather elements and conditions, including heat, rain, ozone, UV, snow, etc.

Finally, their geodesic dome has a high strength-to-weight ratio due to innovative engineering using lightweight and strong precision-cut aluminum profiles and struts that can hold up to 0.78” panel thickness with a tolerance of +50%.

Ekodome’s other services include:

  • Geodesic Dome Frames – sturdy geodesic dome frameworks made with their patent-pending aluminum strut design to help customers elegant and flexible multi-purpose spaces.
  • Geodesic Dome Hubs
  • Geodesic Dome Covers – Ekodome’s pre-cut panels are made in various materials for easy installation.
  • Geodesic Dome Accessories – add-ons include door and window frames, connection tunnels, cupola, elevation kits, passive vents, etc.

geodesic dome hubs

They offer five different geodesic dome kits in varying frequencies:

Ekodome 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V(Half Sphere), and 4V (5/8 Sphere). Their basic dome kit—the 1V Dome Kit—includes the following materials and specifications:


    • Area: 40 sq. ft./3.73 sq. m.
    • Diameter: 9.18 ft./2.80 m.
    • Height: 6.66 ft./2.03 m.

Included in the kit:

    • 1 Door Frame
    • 11 Hubs
    • 25 Strut Caps
    • 25 Aluminum struts
    • 50 Screws
    • 100 Rubber Seals
    • 110 Bolts
    • Cover Panel Templates
    • Instruction’s manual
    • Cad & technical files for bldg. permits
    • Optional add-ons: Door frame, window frame, passive vent

Prices of their Geodesic Dome Kits start from $909

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Advantages of the Ekodome geodesic dome kit:

  • The affordable geodesic dome kit cost is one of the best advantages of geodome kits for people looking for budget-friendly yet effective shelters.
  • Easy assembly. No need to hire professionals as a geodesic dome kit can be built with ease.
  • Weather resistant. With the help of a geodesic dome kit cover and an efficient framework, the dome can easily shed elements like wind and snow.
  • Disaster proof. Geodomes not only resist the usual natural elements, but they can also withstand stronger forces like hurricanes.
  • Energy efficient. Owners can save up to 50% in energy since its space-efficient design can be easily powered by a few solar panels.
  • Space efficient. As mentioned, the volume to area ratio is high, so even with a small geodesic dome kits you can maximize your space using less building materials.
  • Sturdy. The unique structure of a geodesic dome allows for even distribution of pressure and stress, making it well-balanced and sturdy.
  • Portable. The portability of geodesic domes means you may not need a building permit to set it up as a greenhouse or semi-permanent structure. To be sure, make sure you check local building codes and regulations.
  • Excellent insulation. The reason why geodesic domes make for excellent greenhouses is its ability to refract light and retain warmth longer.
  • Elegant design. Practical and sustainable spaces need not be boring. Geodomes are unique and elegant in design as well as high performing.

Ekodome Geodesic Kits – Click Here

How can you use the DIY geodome kits from Ekodome?

Geodome kits as greenhouses

In temperate climates, keeping your plants thriving year-round can be challenging—but not if you have a geodesic dome greenhouse. Therefore, these kits are popular worldwide, including geodesic dome kits Australia.

Geodesic domes not only accommodate glass panels ideal for greenhouses, they also often include fixtures to easily install auto-activated vents for temperature control, solar fans, and water tanks.

Geodome kits as entertainment spaces

If you do not have a green thumb, you can always use the geodesic garden dome kits as extra space to entertain your guests. This cozy area can serve as a perfect place for a movie night under the stars or simply as a quaint spot for an afternoon tea.

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Geodome kits as storage spaces

Geodesic domes can double as sheds or storage areas. They’re spacious, cheap, and easy to maintain. You can store your tools in there or your non-perishable food supply. You might prefer metal geodesic dome kits for this for a stronger structure.

Geodome kits for glamping

Finally, geodome kits are excellent for glamping. These kits are popular with the outdoorsy social media crowd because not only do they look great juxtaposed against nature, they’re also quite comfortable so you can rest easy after a long day of adventure.

Where can you buy Ekodome kits?

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Ready to start your DIY geodesic dome journey?

The good news is that Ekodome DIY kits are widely available worldwide, geodesic dome kits USA to geodesic dome kits for sale Australia. You can pre-order directly on the official Ekodome website with worldwide shipping, including:

  • Geodesic dome kits Canada
  • Geodesic dome kits UK
  • Geodesic dome kits US
  • Geodesic dome kits Oregon

Ekodome Geodesic Kits – Click Here


In conclusion, you don’t have to be a professional builder to install a geodesic dome at home. Ekodome has the best geodesic dome kits available in different frequencies to fit your needs and can be installed in as fast as 2 hours!

Ultimately, DIY geodesic dome kits can save you time, money, space, and effort. Over time, this sustainable structure has proven its mettle that it is not just a fleeting fad.


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